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Nova Clock 2.0 is a super quality desktop clock which displays time
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Nova Clock is a super quality desktop clock which displays time without disturbing your work process. This clock will always appear on the top of the window but you can make it transparent with one click. Supporting interesting features the user can change it into a digital clock or analogical clock or can combine both the features to make it more interesting. To access all the features user just has to make a simple right click on the clock face. With lots of customizing features, this clock is totally configurable, allowing you to change it’s appearance like you can add bitmap face, shadows or text and much more. Various transparency levels can be used from opaque, semi transparent to invisible and even it let you use transparent PNG files too. It lets you display more than one clock with different time and dates providing various time zones. It is supported with a smart process priority feature which is very helpful in carry out processing on the leisure time. Its a freeware accompanied with easy to use features that provides total online help to the user.

Krishna Vulisetti
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  • You can make it digital or analog clock or can mix both
  • Its a freeware


  • Sometimes it will not start
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